Converting Offset Sheet-fed printing presses from Conventional inks to LED-UV inks.

These changes are required to maximize your LED-UV investment.


1)   All inking rollers will need to be changed to one of the following:

a)    Chameleon or mixed mode rubber, this style will allow you to go back and forth between convention and LED-UV inks. These are recommended for all LED-UV retrofits as the first set of rollers.

b)   EPDM rubber, these are for full time LED-UV printing. Recommended when you will only be printing in LED-UV and with proper care can last up to 20% longer than mixed mode rollers.

c)   Water form rollers will need to also change with the same options available as the ink rollers. Water pan rollers do not need to be replaced.

2)   Press washes for rollers and blankets will need to be a LED-UV formula. Conventional washes will not remove LED-UV inks.

3)   Blankets will need to be changed to LED-UV style usually made from EPDM rubber. Mixed mode blankets are also available normally called Hybrid.

4)   Maintenance products for roller care need to be LED-UV safe. Most roller pastes and calcium cleaners fall into this category.

5)   Fountain solutions can remain the same but LED-UV specific concentrates and alcohol substitutes are available and generally provide better results.

6)   Automatic wash-up tray blades will need to be changes to LED-UV style.

7)   Fountain solution management systems and roller chillers may need to adjusted to proper LED-UV operating temperatures

8)   Automatic wash tanks for rollers, impression cylinder, and blankets need to have LED-UV check valves installed. If your press was UV prepped from the factory this should already be done.

9)   On some presses the transfer gripper pads may not be compatible with LED-UV chemical. Check with your manufacturer.


All products for LED-UV are also used for traditional UV and the name is interchangeable on product labels

Published on by Allen Jenkins.