LED-UV use outside of commercial printing at Conimar Group LLC

Founded by Terry Crawford in 1976 the Conimar Group runs a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ocala Florida. Conimar is the largest manufacture of high quality printed plastic placemats and flexible cutting mats. Their designs are under license from such notable names as World Kitchen featuring their Corelle® dinnerware patterns and their patented flexible cutting mats sold under the Chop-Chop® brand.


All facets of Conimar’s manufacturing process are being done under one roof for the highest in quality control. The production begins with the in-house plastic extrusion of polyethylene and polypropylene sheets for printing. This gives us a unique advantage from both a cost and productivity standpoint to do this ourselves says owner Terry Crawford. Material quality control is of the utmost importance when printing these types of plastics. Dyne levels are continually changing after the extrusion process and directly relate to how well ink will adhere to the sheets.


Offset printing is done with a KBA105 - 5 color printing press with inline anilox type coating unit.

The press is equipped with Air Motion System (AMS) XP9 LED-UV module after the 5th printing unit. The operators quickly adapted to this new curing technology after having printed on these material conventionally for so many years. They noticed little difference in overall color densities from existing job profiles. Ink adhesion, always a concern with printing these materials was good thanks to INXCURE LED PLAS LAM GII by INX International. Aqueous coating is still used as a requirement of the finished product. Load racking has been eliminated and this makes pressman extremely happy.


The addition of the LED-UV system has greatly increased the productivity in the pressroom with absence of dry time and excess handling. Jobs can now go directly to the die-cutting machines for finishing without the worry of set-off and marking. With Conimar’s 40 years of experience and the addition LED-UV they have set themselves up for a long and profitable future.

Published on by Allen Jenkins.