Kingery Printing Company continues its Green initiatives with the addition of LED-UV curing.

Kingery Printing Company is a Midwestern, family-owned company with headquarters in Effingham, Illinois. KPC owns and operates two manufacturing facilities, one in Effingham, Illinois, and the other in Henry, Illinois. Both locations offer a full suite of prepress, printing, binding and distribution services. They specialize in magazines, catalogs, booklets, guides and newsletters that mail.

The Kingery family puts the latest technology available into the hands of the best people around. This gives their customers not only the highest quality products, but also the best customer experience in the industry. They are conscientious of their environmental impact, and the legacy they will leave for future generations. They are FSC® certified, diligent about recycling our manufacturing byproducts, and we have implemented programs to reduce our power consumption and minimize our VOC emissions.

This now includes the addition of an AMS LED-UV system installed on a 2006 Heidelberg SM102-10P running 24 hours a day. Owner Mike Kingery believes LED-UV Technology will be a game changer in the Printing Industry.  If all goes as planned, in the future the technology will be adapted to our heatset webs to eliminate the ovens used in the heatset process. That will be a huge change in the industry. He is now touting these benefits to his customers:


-       Shorter Turnaround Times – The LED-UV Technology increases the productivity on press by 30%+ due to the ink drying instantly on press.  The press sheets can be handled immediately for various bindery operations.

-       Better Laser Compatibility – The LED-UV inks have no odor and no spray powder is required in the drying process, both of which are beneficial in producing laser compatible projects.

-       LED-UV Inks are Impervious to Scuffing and Marking - Due to this fact, no protective coatings are needed.   Although, options are available for high gloss coatings for enhanced visual effects such as spot coatings.

-       Higher Gloss Levels, Color Fidelity and Sharper Images – These are achieved through trapping and flash curing the LED-UV ink on the surface of the paper. 

-       Options to Print on Various Substrates Including Plastics and Synthetic Papers

-       LED-UV Inks are environmentally “Green” – No VOC’s released into the atmosphere.


Published on by Allen Jenkins.