LED-UV Bootcamp

LED UV Printing Association Announces First Ever LED-UV Bootcamp Co-Located

with Print UV in Las Vegas

Friday, February 24, 2017

Reno, Nevada. Allen Jenkins, Director of the LED-UV Printing Association, today announced the first ever

"LED UV Bootcamp", which will be co-located with the 10th Annual Print UV Conference at the Encore in

Las Vegas, Nevada. The 3-hour in-depth seminar will kick off at 1pm near the Print UV meeting space

on Wednesday, March 29th 2017. The event will conclude at 4pm, allowing plenty of time to prepare for the

opening reception of Print UV.

The following topics will be covered in detail, with plenty of Q&A throughout:

1. What are the benefits of LED UV printing?

2. Case studies featuring printers using LED UV.

3. How is LED UV different from traditional UV?

4. What inks are required for LED UV Printing?

5. What rollers are required for LED UV Printing?

6. Is Printing with LED UV significantly different from conventional printing?

7. Do I need a new press to print LED UV?

8. Do I need to make my press "UV Ready" to run LED UV?

9. Can I use conventional press and blanket wash with LED UV?

10. What's the skinny on ink and coating costs?

11. What cost savings does LED UV deliver?

12. Can I use the same plates with LED UV?

13. Do I need a new fountain solution and alcohol substitute?

14. Do I need to vent the delivery of my press with LED UV?

15. Wrap up session and Open Q&A.

Jenkins stated"The results are in and the early adopters of LED UV are making more money, winning more

customers, increasing run speeds, and delivering print faster on a wider variety of substrates. After working

with dozens of companies that have successfully implemented LED UV, I'm confident that this is a good

starter list of topics for the printer investigating LED UV."

Barry Walsh, Moderator of the LED UV Bootcamp said. "This is a great opportunity for printers new to

LED UV to meet the leading authority on printing with LED UV, Allen Jenkins, and to start a conversation

with Allen that can continue into the conference and beyond. Additionally, these printers will enter the Print

UV Conference armed with a good foundation of knowledge to have higher level networking conversations

with the many LED UV oriented vendors and printers attending Print UV."

Attendance at the LED UV Bootcamp will be reserved exclusively for printers. Seating is limited and

registration will close without notice when full. If you are registered for Print UV, this event is free, but you

need to register separately to reserve one of the limited seats. Printers not attending Print UV may register for

$100. Guarantee your seat by calling Kati Zimmermann today at 715-497-7287.

More information on the LED UV Printing Association may be found at www.leduv.org.

More information on the Print UV Conference may be found at www.printuv.com.

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